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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test for How To Study The Bible 2

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Interpretive questions frame in question form the various phases of interpretation, namely, _________________________, _____________________________, and ________________________________.

2. The interpretive question is the intermediate step between ________________________ and __________________________.

3. Interpretive questions may be classified as ________________________, ____________________________, _____________________________, or __________________________________.

4. Every non-routine ________________ should be subjected to explanatory questions.

5. ___________________ questions are investigations of the definitive question as it relates to the observation of general literary forms.

6. The purpose of the _________________________ question is to find the meaning of the terms used to describe the underlying tone of passages and to discover wherein the passages reveal the mood described to them.

7. If you hurry through the basic stages of Bible Study, you could come to _____________ conclusions and ___________________ applications.

8. __________________ sense is made possible by the presence of certain characteristics. Among them are teachableness, sincerity, and an intimate knowledge of God.

9. The peculiarities of one's own _________________________ are invariably reflected in the interpretive process.

10. Etymology of terms includes two factors: their _________________ ______________________ and their __________________________ _________________________________.

11. Implications of Contextual Relations and Interrelations is the study of how _________________, ________________________, _____________________________, ___________________________, and ______________________________ relate to each other in the sense of context.

12. __________________________ forms have a serious bearing on exegesis (interpretation).

13. __________________________ is closely related to an author's purpose and viewpoint.

14. To stand in the shoe's of the author himself and to adopt his mentality and peculiar point of view is to interpret the author's _________________________ and ____________________________.

15. It is imperative that one utilize the _________________________ __________________________ of the books of the Bible if one is to recreate the message of their authors.

16. To utilize the Psychological Factor, one looks for _____________________, ______________________, ______________________, ________________________, __________________________, and _______________________ in your study.

17. Scriptural literature contains many _____________________________ which are never explicitly stated.

18. The process of _______________________ found in the Scriptures is never static.

19. The essential _______________________ of the books of the Bible was one of the determinative principles in the formation of the canon.