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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test for How To Study The Bible 3 and 4

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Evaluation is the ________________________ and ________________________ of a Biblical passage.

2. Evaluation must follow ___________________________ and not precede it or be simultaneous with it.

3. Evaluation must precede __________________________ proper.

4. The Process of Application includes the analysis of ________________________ ________________________ in view of the passage.

5. Once one has determined the _____________________ __________________ of a passage as well as the ________________________ ______________________ which falls within its province, then one may bring the passage to bear on the situation, and the result is application.

6. There are two distinct types of application: ____________________________ application and _______________________________ application.

7. Biblical truths should be applied both _______________________ and to ____________________. They should be employed in connection with the ________________________ and _____________________ aspects of life as well as the __________________________. They should be utilized _________________________, _______________________________, and _______________________________________. They should be applied to _______________________ and to ______________________________________________.

8. We can do much for our fellow human beings by understanding God's Truth and sharing it with others ________________________ and ___________________________.

9. We must take possession of God's Word and ______________________, _____________________________, and ___________________________ every thought, idea and truth in a careful and skillful way.

10. God asks us to do our _________________________.