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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test for Summary of the Bible Lesson

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. According to the Bible, there actually was a beginning of ________________ and _____________________, so one can actually know the ____________________________ __________________________ of things.

2. The Bible begins by assuming God's ______________________ and thus explaining the origin of the _________________________________ world.

3. Man, according to the Bible, is a creature made by ______________________.

4. Through the descendents of ________________________ or ___________________________, God made clear His Messiah, His anointed One, would come.

5. God summoned Moses to meet with Him on ____________________________, and gave Moses His ___________________________, what has been commonly called the ______________ _________________________________.

6. Unlike what many people think, God gave Moses His ______________________ in Exodus 20 so man could know his ____________________ condition.

7. Since the first sin committed by Adam brought _________________________ and its curse, so it could only be through _________________________ (________________________________) that God would accept man.

8. The Bible explains that the _____________________________ itself did not make people holy or acceptable to God, but rather it pointed to the coming _________________________, Whose predicted death would make man acceptable to God.

9. Born of a young virgin named Mary, __________________________________ _________________________________ in her by the _________________________ ___________________________, God's Son came into the World. He was named Jesus for He would "__________________ His people from their ___________________."

10. God Himself sent Jesus into the world to be His ________________________________ for sin.

11. Everything about Jesus' character and life pointed men to _______________________. He was in fact ________________ in the _______________________.

12. The heart of the Bible's message can be said in a few words: "For I delivered to you as of first ___________________________ what I also _____________________________, that ____________________________ died for our _____________________ in accordance with the _______________________________, that he was _________________________________, and that he was ________________________ on the ______________________ day in accordance with the scriptures.

13. Of all the things that man wants and needs, he basically needs to be brought back into a right ___________________________________ with his Creator, God.

14. Man is commanded by God to put his faith and confidence in ________________________.

15. God offers mercy and forgiveness to all who look to ___________________________ death on the cross as the complete sacrifice for their sins and then follow Christ as their ____________________________. According to the Bible, such persons receive ___________________________ __________________________.

16. Jesus will, in time and space, come to _______________________ again.

17. Unlike His first coming, Jesus' second coming will be with _________________________ and _____________________________. The Bible states that _____________________________ will see Him, and ______________________________ will appear before Him in judgement.

18. The next great event in history will be the coming of ________________________ _____________________________ and the __________________________ ________________________________.