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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test For Healing Hurting Hearts Lesson

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Several issues demand the loving attention of Christian counselors more than others, and these include ______________________________, ________________________________ from sin's power, and the ______________________________________ and ______________________________ of Christ.

2. If we _____________________________ our sin to God, He promises to _________________________ us and cleanse us from all _________________________________________.

3. Temptation is ______________________ sin.

4. Succumbing to temptation becomes ___________________, which must then somehow be put away, since it hinders our __________________________________ with God.

5. Repentance is a ______________________ of mind.

6. To confess means to say the _____________________ thing about your sin as ______________________ says about it.

7. No sin can possibly be bad enough to permanently disrupt our ________________________________ with God.

8. Forgiveness deals with the problem of _______________________, but our even deeper need is to be _________________________ from the power of sin.

9. The gospel of Christ includes both __________________________ and _______________________________.

10. The secret of spiritual strength and stability is in two words - _______________________________ and _______________________.

11. __________________________________ means Authority.

12. Bondage to _____________________ ______________________ is true freedom.

13. Jesus is __________________ of ___________________.