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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test for How To Receive Healing Lesson

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. _________________________ is a part of Christ's Atonement.

2. Jesus not only purchased the salvation of our soul, but His sufferings also secured our ________________________________ __________________________________.

3. The word "salvation" comes from the Greek word, ___________________________________, which means "wholeness and healing, both in the physical and spiritual."

4. It's God's ______________________ to heal.

5. The four Gospel's show that during Jesus' earthly ministry, there were _________________________ occasions that persons approached Jesus for healing.

6. Jehovah Rahpa means "I am the LORD that ___________________________ thee."

7. The Five Steps to receive healing from God are:

1)___________________________ yourself to God,
2) ___________________________ to God's _______________________________,
3)___________________________ in Faith,
4)Call for Church _________________________________, and
5)Keep ________________________________________!