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How To Use The School Of Biblical Studies

St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies can be used to either earn a Ph.D. from our school, or simply as a resource for Christian Ministry.

1. The lessons in our curriculum have been specially chosen for the candidate for a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. The lessons provide not only a basic understanding of the Bible and it's message, but also prepare the student for a lifetime of rewarding and insightful independent Bible study. In addition, the lessons prepare the student for leading or starting a ministry and address a number of key ministry issues. Finally, the lessons on Spiritual Counseling prepare the student for the counseling aspect of his or her ministry. Completion of the lessons will result in a well rounded basis to build and lead a successful ministry. Your Ph.D. will be a legal and Academic Ph.D. issued by our school, and once earned can never be revoked for any reason.

To earn your Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, scroll to the lower part of this page, where you'll find links to the tests for each lesson. Print up these tests, and complete them following the instructions on the tests. You are advised to go ahead and print all the tests in advance, as well as print all the lessons in advance, to prevent any delays caused by off-site servers going down temporarily, etc. Also, this will allow you to complete your studies away from the computer if necessary. In addition to the completed tests, Ph.D. candidates are also required to submit a written paper of no less than two type-written pages (or five hand-written pages), on a suitable relevant topic. This can be a study on a favorite Bible story or verse, a personal testimony, or even a lesson for submission to the school. Completed tests and written paper are to be mailed to Rev. David M. Ford along with a check or money order for the suggested contribution to our school.

Grading will be on a pass/fail basis. The written paper will account for 50 percent of the grade. The tests will account for the remaining 50 percent. Student must receive a satisfactory (passing) mark on the written paper, and a passing mark on the majority of the tests to receive a final passing grade. Test papers will be graded and returned to the student along with their Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies Degree. Written papers will remain the property of St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies, but will not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of the student.

To receive your Ph.D., please insure that all items are included in your submission:

1. All completed tests.
2. Written paper of at least two typed pages or five hand-written pages.
3. Check or Money Order for One Hundred Dollars, made out to
Rev. David M. Ford
4. Written permission to use your written paper as a church or school resource, if you so wish.
5. Be sure and specify exactly how you'd like your name to appear on your degree.

Mail all these in one large (9 x 12) envelope to:
Rev. David M. Ford
4202 Windsor Spring Rd. #131
Hephzibah, GA 30815

Please Note: Do Not send the completed tests one at a time as you complete them. Save them till you have them all completed and send them all together. Thank you.

2. Those not wishing to pursue a Ph.D. can still benefit from our school, as the lessons represent a wonderful resource for any Christian in the ministry. You are encouraged to print up all the lessons and use them as an important reference for your ministry. I am certain you will find the lessons very useful and helpful.

Below are the links to the tests for the lessons necessary to earn our Ph.D.

Test For How To Study The Bible 1

Test For How To Study The Bible 2

Test For How To Study The Bible 3 and 4

Test For Summary Of The Bible

Test For New Testament Survey, Summary

Test For Chronological Study Of The Life Of Christ

Test For The Spirit And The Bride

Test For Bible Facts

Test For How To Pray

Test For How To Receive Healing

Test For Understanding Spiritual Gifts

Test For Witnessing: A Matter Of Life Or Death

Test For How To Deal With Trespasses In The Body Of Christ

Test For Preview Of the (Counseling) Process

Test For Healing Hurting Hearts