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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test For Prayer Lesson

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Prayer is our ________________________________ with God.

2. When we pray, we pray to our _________________________ ________________________.

3. We are to ask, and pray in _________________________ ____________________________.

4. Jesus Christ has made the believer fit to be ____________________________, and ___________________________, by God.

5. The attitude with which we pray should be an attitude of _______________________________.

6. We pray for ____________________ glory and ____________________ benefit, not vice versa.

7. Christian prayer is _______________________ and to the _____________________________.

8. A simple tool to help us pray better is to remember the letters A-C-T-S. These letters stand for, A-__________________________, C-________________________________, T-__________________________________________, S-_________________________________________________.

9. There is a basic Spiritual Law for prayer, which always works. The spiritual law is that we must _______________________ and be willing to _________________________ the ____________________ of God - whatever it may be for us. Our prayers must not be efforts to bend God to our _________________ or _____________________________ - but to yield ourselves to His - whatever they may be.

10. Just as it is always better to get a map before we start a journey, it is better to _________________ before we begin a task.

11. Christians are personal _________________________ with God.