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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test for Preview Of The (Counseling) Process Lesson

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. There are at least two types of counseling we may encounter as Christians - the _______________________ kind, growing out of an established, ongoing relationship, and the more ________________________________ situation where we are counseling someone whom we may not know at all but who has come to us for help.

2. As part of the procedure, one should __________________________ with compassion.

3. Ask God for wisdom to discern the _____________________ problem.

4. Highlight the ___________________________ of the alternative courses of action on a factual, non-judgmental basis.

5. Apply Christ's "Formula for ___________________________".

6. Help them discover the Lord's ____________________________ to failure.

7. ______________________ tell them what to do.

8. Remind them that ____________________ will live with the _____________________.

9. Pray _________________ them and _____________________ them.

10. Remember, the counselor's first assignment is to be a good ______________________________.

11. Compassion is "____________________________ with."

12. Christ's Formula For Freedom can be found in the book of _____________________, Chapter ________, verses _________-_________.

13. Christ's Formula For Freedom states, "If you _________________________ in my _____________________, you are truly my ____________________________, and you will know the _____________________, and the _______________________ will make you ____________________________."

14. Remember, freedom is not "doing as I please," but rather, "being what God _________________________ me to be."

15. Counseling is a one-on-one _______________________ ministry of applying the _______________________ to life.

16. A biblical approach to counseling states - "All human ____________________ and ________________ are somehow a consequence of _________________. So we must approach a counseling ministry with some understanding of ________________ and its _______________________________ - then apply the __________________________ Truth of God to the problem."