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St.Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies

Test for The Spirit and The Bride Lesson

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the correct answers.

1. Walking in the Spirit is simply allowing the ______________________ _____________________ to do in us what God sent Him to do. You can't allow Him to do that work until you understand why God sent the _____________________ _____________________________.

2. The eternal purpose of the Holy Spirit is to bring us home to ______________________ _________________________ as His eternal, spotless _____________________________.

3. The Holy Spirit uses every act of _____________________________, every ________________________, every ___________________________________ of Himself in us, to make us more suitable as a ____________________________.

4. The Spirit is __________________________ your hearts to Christ.

5. The operation of spiritual gifts have meaning only as they conform to the likeness of ______________________ _______________________.

6. The work, ministry, and mission of the Holy Spirit is singular: It is to ___________________ us from this world, to create a ________________________ in us for Jesus' soon appearance... to _____________________ us of everything that would blemish us... to turn our eyes ___________________ from everything but ____________________________... to adorn us with the ornaments of a ___________________________________ __________________________ to be with Him as His bride!

7. If the Holy Spirit is at work in a church, then every song, every word of praise, every note of every instrument are all given ________________________ by the Spirit to exalt _______________________.

8. In every _________________________, _________________________ and ______________________________ of God's glory in His house, the Holy Spirit is at work.

9. The Holy Spirit has been sent to give us a __________________________ of Christ.

10. Right now the Holy Spirit is opening the eyes of His ____________________________ _______________.

11. The Spirit helps us in our _________________________________.

12. You can yearn after Jesus so much that you sit in His presence and nothing comes out but a deep _________________________________ - something that cannot be uttered.